Raspberry PI 2

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Download MLD

Install MLD on your system or just give it a try. Immediately after the boot you will be asked what you would like to do. You can select from a multitude of ready made collections which will be downloaded subsequently.


Customized Image

Assemble your own image. All desired packages will be available and the image can be run offline.


To boot MLD on a Raspberry Pi you only need to unpack the image you just downloaded and copy it to an SD-Card which needs to be formatted as FAT32.

Any changes made to the live system will be lost after the next reboot.

To keep the changes install the live system on your machine. You can use either VDR's OSD, MLD's Web Interface or enter „install“ on the command line. This will install MLD to the selected media (hard disk). After a reboot you will have a full blown installation at your command.

Essential! Please read the following notes!

Notes about the Raspberry Pi

  • In order to view SD-TV broadcasts an MPEG-2 license key is required. You can enter this key via MLD's Web-Interface or write it to the file config.txt on the SD-Card.
  • It is not possible to directly connect a DVB-Stick to the Raspberry Pi 1, an active USB-Hub with its own power supply is absolutely essential.
  • Strange errors on the Pi can result from power supplies being too weak. As watching TV puts a considerable strain on the Pi an 800 mA power supply is the absulute minimum.
  • Unfortunately many power supplies will deliver only a fraction of the output their specification promises. If the power supply is too weak you will probably encounter unspecific errors of varying nature.
  • In many cases another reason for these errors is an incompatible SD-Card. It's generally a good idea just to try another SD-Card.
  • The Live Test will NOT work on an RPi with 256 MB of RAM.

Nightbuild Status

In Arbeit:
- ready (So 12. Jun 21:11)

Fehlgeschlagene Paket Builds:
- netsurf
- rcswitch-pi
- vdr-plugin-pin
- vdr-plugin-plex
- vdr-plugin-skinflatplus
- wiringpi