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Download MLD

Install MLD on your system or just give it a try. Immediately after the boot you will be asked what you would like to do. You can select from a multitude of ready made collections which will be downloaded subsequently.


Customized Image

Assemble your own image. All desired packages will be available and the image can be run offline.


To boot this image you only need to unpack and copy the image you just downloaded to an SD-Card. Using Linux this is the way:

gunzip -c IMAGE.img.gz | sudo dd bs=1M of=/dev/DEVICE; sync 

IMAGE corresponds to the downloaded file's name and DEVICE to the device name of your SD-Card.

Using Windows e.g. unpack the file with 7-Zip and use Win32DiskImager to write the image to the SD-Card. Take care to select the SD-Card as output device. The former content of the SD-Card will be lost.

Any changes made to the live system will be lost after the next reboot.

To keep the changes install the live system on your machine. You can use either VDR's OSD, MLD's Web Interface or enter „install“ on the command line. This will install MLD to the selected media (hard disk). After a reboot you will have a full blown installation at your command.

Nightbuild Status

In Arbeit:
- ready (So 12. Jun 21:11)

Fehlgeschlagene Paket Builds:
- netsurf
- rcswitch-pi
- vdr-plugin-pin
- vdr-plugin-plex
- vdr-plugin-skinflatplus
- wiringpi