Welcome to the Website of MiniDVBLinux Distribution (MLD). Have a lot of fun with this distribution and should you wish to help us in our work on this distribution we'd appreciate that very much.

MLD offers a simple way to convert a standard PC into a Multi Media Centre based on the Video Disk Recorder (VDR) by Klaus Schmidinger.

Features of this Linux based Digital Video Recorder:

  • Watch TV
  • Timer controlled recordings
  • Time Shift
  • DVD and MP3 Replay
  • Setup and configuration via browser
  • and a lot more...

MLD strives to be as small as possible, modular, simple. It supports numerous hardware platforms, like classic desktops in 32/64bit and also various low power ARM systems.

The outcome is a VDR Distribution that is slim, ready to use, easy to install, running off a CD (or USB stick).
It is a compact Linux system featuring a complete VDR in it's current version with the initial size of 15MB only.

Installation of additional features as well as all configuration will be done directly via VDR's On-Screen Display (OSD) or via MLD's Web Interface.